About Us


Our mission is to take care of our military veterans by connecting them to the resources they need to become firefighters.

We believe we owe it to them to continue to support them even after their "active" service is done.

Why? Well, we all have a special place in our hearts for the military veterans of this country who have served so faithfully. So many have unselfishly sacrificed their families, hearts, minds, souls, spirits, and bodies to the service of our country.


Help veterans everywhere by growing the FireVet training program to a State and National level.

Staff/Board Of Directors

Brett Stevens - President

JT Bascue - Vice President

Nolan Collins - Treasurer

Mike Saylor - Co Founder

Rich Lara - Co Founder

Joaquin Torres - Recruiting

Dan Higgins - Agency Liason and Good and Welfare - Daniel.Higgins@phoenix.gov

Josh Landspurg - Communications - Josh@FireVet.org

Shon Hicks - Merchandise and Supply - Shon.hicks@phoenix.gov

Ryan Ohlin - Mentorship ryan.ohlin@phoenix.gov


Want to Join the Team?

If you're an active firefighter, help train a new generation of firefighters with us as a VetRep.